GOODSTUPH turns two

GOODSTUPH turns two this year and what a journey it has been for this little independent social influence agency.
From the time when Nike gave us a chance with a piece of their business when we were merely 2 weeks old, to present day, where we care, protect and market over 25 brands in the social media realm.

We are glad we have never had to hire a 21-year-old blogger and repackage him or her as the company’s social media expert for sake of keeping the company in the black.

We can only be here today, because of our friends who helped us unconditionally from Day 1.

We can only be here today, because of the support from the local community (made in SIN and damnass proud).

We can only be here today, because of the agencies that trust us and know that we value them as partners.

We can only be here today, because of the clients who believe in us for what we’re worth, and not because of the size of our studio. Thank goodness for that – the total size of our studio is the size of a typical agency’s pantry.

To show our appreciation to the people who have helped us grow, we’re throwing the most badass party ever, coupled with the fifth chapter of GOOD Stories.

Launched in March 2011, GOOD Stories is a creative platform that aims to give voices with inspiring stories a channel to share them between influencers of various tribes. In conjunction with GOODSTUPH’s 2nd Anniversary, GOOD Stories presents the fifth chapter, “Birth of Ideas,” where we bring together four strangers and their 5-minute stories.

Our speakers for this chapter are:

Chris Lee: A Guide to becoming a ‘Do-er’

Michael aka Mindflyer: 5 tips for turning fear into your loyal servant

Danny Santos: How to find time for your passion

¶ Absolut Vodka Ambassador and Mixologist, Mark Tay

We would like to thank the following awesome people, for making this party happen:

The Rabbit Hole for keeping our stomachs filled with absolute pleasure, keeping the mood going with the finest resident DJ, and the cosy venue

ABSOLUT Vodka for quenching our thirst the entire night and creating a ABSOLUT GOODSTUPH cocktail especially for our party (yeah, how awesome is that!?)

Schneider-Weisse for providing us with refreshing, full-bodied TAP4 Mein Grünes for our beer-toasting!

¶ OMG winner Jill-Marie Thomas for her gorgeous voice

Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore’s instructor Tania Chew (what’s a party without a pole dancer?)

Joe Augustin for being the master voice of our party

OIC Singapore for decking up the party with their amazing artworks

Hello Stranger for capturing the scandals memories

This is looking to be one heck of a party, and we look forward in living it up with our guests. See you there!

P.S. Due to overwhelming response, please note that our party is strictly via invite only. Your understanding will be most appreciated.

P.P.S. The door bitch hired specifically for our party bites at gatecrashers.

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