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GOODSTUPH • 是好的! | A badass social influence studio.

We make brands social.
We find brands love.

And along the way, produce goodness.
No. You may not pick our brains for free.

Creatively vain. Socially sensible.

Digitally rebellious.

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Random Fact

  • Every Friday is #cafefriday where GOODSTUPH employees

    spend the day working at a café instead of the studio.
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  • The average user
    has 130 friends on Facebook.

    So don’t feel bad for not having 3,000 friends like your teenage niece.
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  • If Linkedin was its own country,

    it would be the 12th largest country in the world.
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  • Facebook Addiction Disorder,
    aka FAD, is a real mental
    health disorder.

    No employee in GOODSTUPH has been diagnosed with the disorder, thank god.
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  • The average user
    has 26 profile pictures
    on Facebook.

    So yes, you and your 128 profile pictures - you are a camwhore.
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  • Every Friday is “Shorts Day”

    Employees are encouraged to wear shorts to work,
    so long as they wax their legs.
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  • GOODSTUPH never sends
    a mass email to any blogger.

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  • Kopi Boy does not exist.

    Perhap he does. Who knows?
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  • For some reason,
    all female employees

    from GOODSTUPH came from all-girls high schools.
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  • Only 13% of Wikipedians
    are women.

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  • Wikipedia has more
    than 1 billion edits,

    across 17.6 million articles, from 27 million users.
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  • Wikipedia has a
    birthday committee

    to wish happy birthday to
    Wikipedians on their talk page.
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  • Wikipedia generates
    approximately 684 million
    page views each year.

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  • 19% of Wikipedia users
    hold Masters degrees.

    That much time in their hands, huh?
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  • “Nicole” and “Daniel” are
    two top most commonly
    used passwords.

    Really? We’re surprised “John” isn’t in the list.
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  • There have been more
    check-ins from sake bars

    in Japan than from beer halls in Germany.
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  • Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
    is the art gallery with

    the most number of check-ins on Foursquare.
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  • One Foursquare
    check-in was made

    from space on October 22, 2010.
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  • The last country to
    check in on Foursquare:

    North Korea. Not surprising.
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  • Instagram has more than
    12 million users since
    it first started in 2010.

    Over 100k weekly downloads hail from China alone.
    Let’s hope Instagram doesn’t get banned in that country too soon.
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  • An average of 10 photos are uploaded per second

    on Instagram as of 12 June 2011.
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  • Apple gets artsy.

    Apple’s logo is based on Fibonacci series.
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  • Twitter gets artsy.

    One of their redesign
    was based on the Golden Ratio.
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  • Apparently, the first hashtag created on Twitter

    was “#barcamp” by @chrismessina on 23 August, 2007.
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  • There are over 100,000
    Twitter applications.

    Developers probably want to think twice before developing a Twitter application.
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  • The highest tweet-per-second
    record is 6,939 tweets per second,

    set 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day.
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  • In January 2009,
    Twitter had only 8 employees.

    In 2011, there are now over 400 employees.
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  • In 2010, a whopping 25 billion
    tweets were sent on Twitter.

    50% were probably from @justinbieber’s fans.
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  • Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched
    in July of that year.

    Who would’ve thought that there would be about 255 million users 5 years on?
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  • 69% of all users on Linkedin
    make USD60k and above.

    Either that, or there are 69% who are liars.
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  • There are 1 million new users on
    Linkedin every 12 days,
    or 1 user per second.

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  • Burberry is the top
    luxury brand on Twitter

    in terms of Twitter followers, with 665,614 followers.
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  • Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) has the
    most number of Twitter followers

    at 17,058,674 followers. Justin Bieber trails closely with 15,498,098 followers.
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  • The top game on Facebook is
    Cityville with 48,900,000 users.

    God knows the number of invites these people have sent.
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  • The top brand on Facebook in
    terms of number fans is Coca-Cola,
    with 36,423,806 fans.

    That’s bigger than the entire population in Canada!
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  • The longest video ever
    on YouTube is 48 hours.

    We recommend all viewers who’ve viewed the video from
    the start till the very end to seek help. Like now.
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  • There are about 620 million
    visitors on Google.com.

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  • Google’s PageRank™
    is named after the founder,
    Larry Page.

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  • On Blogger,
    270,000 words

    are written every minute.
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  • The name “Google”
    was an accident.

    It was a typo on the first cheque Google received from investors,
    instead of its actual name, “Googol”.
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  • Google’s first ever Tweet was:

    “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001
    01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.”,
    otherwise known as “I’m feeling lucky.”
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  • Apple made the first mass-market color digital camera in 1994.

    It was called the QuickTake 100.
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  • eBay named a conference room
    after their first eBay seller

    who reached Feedback score of 1 million.
    We promise we’ll name our first game room after our first client; Nike.
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  • eBay was originally
    called AuctionWeb.

    We’re glad someone talked them out of it.
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  • 44% of teen internet users
    lied about their age

    in order to access a website. Tsk tsk.
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  • The average Brit checks
    Facebook from their smartphones
    about 7.52 times a day.

    We don’t feel that bad about ourselves anymore.
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  • The average Brit

    consumes 2.5 hours of Facebook a day.
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  • Every minute, 24 hours of
    footage is uploaded on YouTube.

    We’re impressed with YouTube’s servers.
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  • All three founders of YouTube,
    Chad Hurley, Steve Chen,
    and Jawed Karim,

    met each other when working at Paypal.
    YouTube was initially funded by their bonuses received
    following eBay’s buy-out of PayPal. So yeah, no PayPal, no YouTube.
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  • YouTube first came about
    when Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

    experienced difficulty sharing videos that were shot a dinner party at Chen’s apartment in San Francisco.
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  • The first video ever uploaded on YouTube

    was “Me at the zoo” by Jawed Karim
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  • In 2006, Google
    bought YouTube
    for $1.65 billion.

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  • Females are more vain –
    the typical male user on
    Facebook changes his profile
    user picture every 3 weeks

    Whereas a female user changes hers every 2 weeks.
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  • As of 2011, there’s
    an average of 250 million
    photos being uploaded
    on Facebook per day.

    We’re surprised Kodak hasn’t done anything with this data.
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  • YouTube (the company)
    finally made their way
    to Singapore in 2010.

    We were stoked to be at their launch party in October.
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  • YouTube is banned
    in Libya, Sudan,
    and China.

    The VPN business must be huge there.
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  • Court notices
    and summons sent
    through Facebook

    are legal and binding in Australia.
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  • The most viewed music
    video on YouTube of all
    time is Justin Bieber’s Baby,
    featuring Ludacris.

    Well hey, at least it isn’t Rebecca Black’s Friday.
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  • Too cheap, Yahoo.
    In 2006, Yahoo offered Mark Zuckerburg
    USD1 billion.

    He refused. Wise choice.
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  • A man was charged with polygamy

    after “defriending” first wife on Facebook.
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  • Homer Simpson’s Facebook page
    is more popular

    than President Obama’s at time of publication.
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  • Al Pacino’s Face was on the original Facebook homepage.

    We would’ve done the same, Mr Zuckerberg.
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Kopi Boy Tweets

We make brands social. GOODSTUPH is a Social Influence Marketing agency that applies both digital and word-of-mouth marketing to achieve measurable results for brands. Were looking for candidates to join us in developing creative, kickass ideas which also comes with event management, data analysis and countless reports.

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Established in
March 2010,

GOODSTUPH is a Social Influence Marketing creative force
that applies both digital and word-of-mouth marketing
to achieve measurable results for brands.

So why not “Social Media Marketing”? The terms has been
bastardised by one too many self-proclaimed social media experts,
so the Boss Lady is adamant against it.

  • Conversation Net
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Conversation Management
  • Content Development
  • Influencer Identification & Audit
  • Influencer Engagement Programmes
  • Social Influence Marketing Programmes
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Training & Workshops
  • Ad-hoc Influencer Events

In layman’s terms

We babysit the digital health of Facebook pages and deal with nasty backlash
in forums so that you can go have dinner in peace. We create Facebook apps
and we make corporate blogs pretty. We craft witty Facebook updates and tweets that people share. We knock some common sense into you so that you don’t
end up being the trending topic for the wrong reason. And oh yeah, we do that
usual “blogger event” thingy too.

A day in the life of a


Chasing the
marketing problem


Crafting stories based on fundamental truths


Stalking people online


Playing Santa for brands


Rolling eyes over fluffy bullshit
'social media gurus' say

Top 10 Influencers on Twitter

in a Nutshell




#1 of 48,764

Interest Ranking

  • Social media mecca
  • Has a really cute founder named Pete Cashmore who founded Mashable when he was only 19
  • Pete Cashmore was crowned by INQ as the most influential Briton in 2009
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

in a Nutshell




#5 of 29,121

Interest Ranking

  • All things tech
  • Not quite literature - Founder Michael Arrington started his interview with Carol Bartz,
    CEO of Yahoo!, with "So how the fuck are you?"
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Guy Kawaski
in a Nutshell




#5 of 37,762

Interest Ranking

  • Former chief evangelist of Apple
  • Author of several business books. Personally couriered a couple of copies of his book, Reality Check, to the Boss Lady herself
  • Co-founder of Alltop
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Darren Rowse
in a Nutshell




#1 of 6,140

Interest Ranking

  • The go-to guy for all things related
    to blogging
  • Has a really cute son
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Lady Gaga
in a Nutshell



  • Pop music's saving grace
  • The only reason to watch MTV anymore
  • It's Lady Gaga, need we say more?
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Ellen DeGeneres
in a Nutshell




#1 of 16,572

Interest Ranking

  • Comedian who actually isn't fat
  • Tweets that funny, you almost don't need to buy her book
  • Lesbian who actually isn't fat
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Barack Obama
in a Nutshell




#1 of 22,106

Interest Ranking

  • How all presidents should be made
  • The perfect case study for
    Singapore politicians
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Perez Hilton
in a Nutshell




#3 of 16,572

Interest Ranking

  • The fat and funny gay man who became the hot and funny gay man
  • The person to go to, before subjecting yourself to a family renuion with nieces half your age
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Webdesigner Depot
in a Nutshell




#2 of 17,826

Interest Ranking

  • Any art director's mecca
  • OD on free vectors
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Tina Fey
in a Nutshell




#24 of 16,572

Interest Ranking

  • Actress/ comedian/ writer/ producer of Saturday Night Live
  • Won the AP Entertainer of the Year award for her satirical portrayal of Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin
  • Ranked in the Hot 100 List at number 80 by Maxim in 2002 (no shit)
Goodness should be shared but please credit accordingly.

Our Awesome Clients

We have been lucky. None of our clients validate our performance by our ability to schmooze them with wine.
Although yes, we do sometimes party hard with them. None of our clients think increasing their logos by 100% is
relative to sales performance. Amen. We love our clients.

GOOD Stories

is a creative platform

where knowledge is shared between influencers of various tribes of passion on a monthly basis. Launched in March 2011, GOOD Stories aims to give the voices with inspiring stories a platform to share them, ad for those looking to be inspired to hear their voices. To be notified of our next chapter, join the Pharm.
Latest Chapter

Date:28 July 2017 - 28 July 2017
Stories to be shared by:Jon Yongfook Cockle, Matthew Zatto of Wildfire, Yasser Ismail of MediaPop, Andy Heng aka TOYSREVIL, Tommy Wee, and Irene Ang

Who's Going? (View all)

Who's Going?

    Chapter Three
    A Mother's Story

    This is undoubtedly, our most emo chapter yet from GOOD Stories. Come join us this Sunday at Qafe, as we hear the stories from the following mothers:

    Doula (aka Birth Coach), HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Trainer at Four Trimesters

    Chairman of Creative Circle Awards 2010
    Executive Creative Director at JWT/XM Singapore

    Founder of Green Kampong and sustainable jewellery line, Osel
    Ambassador for World Wildlife Funds Earth Hour 2010

    Assistant Manager at SINDA
    Winner of Active Agers Awards 2009

    Chapter Two
    The Journey towards Success

    Often or not, we celebrate none but the end-result of our journey. The journey itself should be celebrated. The failures encountered are the greatest lessons of Life money cannot buy.

    In this chapter, hear the stories of these amazing people.

    1. Kun
    Interactive Art Director, Make Studios

    2. Yin Shanyang & Dingma
    Visualization Experts, Swarm

    3. Gillian Tan
    Director, Munkysuperstar Pictures

    4. SBTG AKA Mark Ong
    Founder, Royalefam

    Chapter One
    Pursuing Passion

    We've all got a story or two to share - Stories of successes, failures, strengths, weaknesses. And often or not, one's stories can inspire others to create their own stories.

    This prompted us to form a creative platform where influencers of different tribes of passion could share their stories. And hence, GOOD Stories was born.

    On 13 March 2011, we at GOODSTUPH kicked off the first of these monthly sessions on the Chapter of "Pursuing Passion". We brought together a lineup of six amazing people with buckets of passion and stories to share, in hope of inspiring our audience to pursue their own passions as well. These people were:






    Click to view video

    Coming Soon

    Top 10
    searches today

    • 1 Kate Udon
    • 2 Kate Udon
    • 3 Kate Udon
    • 4 Kate Udon
    • 5 Kate Udon
    • 6 Kate Udon
    • 7 Kate Udon
    • 8 Kate Udon
    • 9 Kate Udon
    • 10 Kate Udon